Great music to listen too, to dance too & to play , there's nothing like a great disco bassline to fill the dancefloor, here is a small selection of classic disco basslines all disco loving bass players should learn to play.
Good times ( chic )
Le- freak ( chic )
We are family ( sister sledge )
JumpĀ to the beat ( Stacy lattisaw )
I should'a loved ya ( narada michael walden )
A'int no stoppin us now ( Mcfadden & Whitehead )
Stomp ( The brothers johnson )
And the beat goes on ( The whispers )
The list could go on & on , great fun basslines to play & also a great learning tool for building groove in your playing, playing these basslinesĀ is not only fun but exercises in timing, phrasing & understanding the sound of this great genre of music, may it continue.