My name is mario anthony sabga & i have been a bass guitarist for quite a few years now , i am self taught & play by ear which i feel is the best way to understand & feel the music .I mainly play the music i love the most which is funk & disco, i have a great passion for slap bass with my main influences being mark king ( level 42 ) & the great louis johnson, , my fingerstyle playing is influenced by all the great funk & disco bass players most of all the late great Bernard edwards ( chic ) & the multi-talented  Leon sylvers who wrote & played for such artists as shalamar & The whispers a truly great groove bass player.
One thing i have learned over the years & something i feel is very important as a bass player is to play what is best for the song & not to overplay , to lay down a solid groove the listener can lock into & feel , there will always be a chance to show off your chops but only at the right time.
I have played in bands over the years & will hit the live scene again which i look forward to, otherwise i teach & write & record bass tracks for various artists something i hope to expand on.The bass guitar is a fantastic instrument, something that has pushed my life in a certain direction which i am gratefull for, i thank everyone for visiting this website which helps me connect with so many people around the world.
Thank you
Mario Anthony Sabga
Bass guitarist.

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